January 30, 2020

How do I teach her not to grow up living in fear?

Donna Forrester

Oil on panelHow do I teach her not to grow up living in fear?, 202028 x 35cm

In our current environment, society preoccupied with data monetisation and dopamine overload, we collectively have an increasingly complex task. A significant one that will shape our future. How to give our children beliefs and values in such a way as to give hope and a sense of community, balanced with dignity and justice. A dominant barrier being the rise in media simultaneously bringing us more marketing, more targeted, manipulated, “fake news”. The information available to us often carries with it as much inaccuracy as truth. My children came home from school asking if we were “about to have a World War III”. How do I explain acts of war and the information that can contradict the mood being set by broadcasters? In a world exposed to so much online, and increasing levels of children suffering from a form of anxiety; has our growing distrust in the media paved the way for future generations to develop an apathy for real knowledge and amplified vulnerabilities or can compassion and the rise in collective intelligence mitigate the damage?