March 3, 2020

How do I see change in myself?

Craig Hardy, 46

Change happens to everyone, but how do I depict that in visual form? The photos I have used are in the form of the path that I have been on, from being in a very unsure mindset of the future. My future is now on track and the change I have made is to a place that I’ve always wanted to be. Scotland is that place. Being on the edge of such beauty and nature is something that I have always dreamed of and now that is a reality. Different pixels where picked from a self portrait where I was in a state of uncertainty in my life. Using the visuals of fragmentation gives rise to the idea of that uncertainty where life is “up in the air” and by using those fragments put into a structural form to give the feelings of security within the new direction of life I have chosen. Having the two images together forms a juxtaposition of elements at peace, harmony and can be seen as a whole as a new form of self portrait.

Fragments of change., 2020Photographic/Digital ManipulationA4