April 8, 2021

How Do I Explain Dyspraxia When My Dyspraxia Fosters Inarticulation?

Abby McCann


I discovered I had Dyspraxia in my first year of university. Before this, I didn’t even know Dyspraxia existed. I feel there is a lack of understanding around what Dyspraxia actually is. A lot of existing conversations centre around the physical impairments of Dyspraxia when it, also, largely affects cognitive processing. A lot of the time, I find myself having complete blanks when speaking or thinking and this piece is an attempt to explain that blank. For me, writing here becomes a tool in which I can attempt to concretely and visually articulate what I experience in my mind in these moments of stasis or ‘inarticulation’ through words. I want to use this piece as a chance to turn the conversation around a Neurodivergence, like Dyspraxia, inward. I want to go straight to the epicentre and workings of the Neurodivergent brain and actively see how I describe my Dyspraxia through the lens of my Dyspraxic brain itself. In this way, I can see how Dyspraxia affects my language and cognitive processing in real time. I hope that by using writing in this way, I can provide understanding for further conversation.