July 6, 2020

How do I break the circle of doubt?

Iain Peterson | Tracey Peterson, 45

Does It Matter, 2020

This piece presents my never-ending search for self understanding while a philosophy is shaping around a principle that; Energy cannot be destroyed but instead transitions from state to state. the idea attempts to bridge the gap between my technical and philosophical minds. I remind myself during this passage that it is wrong to fear my own expression and by doing so I fail to see were and when I project negatively onto others. Regret then anchors me to the past and completes the circle. Some times I feel that my journey isolates me which invalidates my thoughts and ideas and so I ask, does this piece relate at all to the listener? “Does it matter?” The metronome symbolises the relentless and cyclic nature of time. Externally, I am the skull and my search for self understanding is represented by the crying monk weeping upon the un-carved block [Pu] of taoism sat inside the skull but surrounded by the random nature of life symbolised by the dice. The gargoyle represents negative energies projected on to others. The book symbolises my path and the green man encapsulates the recycling of ideas and energy. Self doubt is viscous.