September 29, 2019

How do harmful ideas take hold?

Eleanor Capaldi, 34

My entry explores how people can be hoodwinked, coerced or influenced into complying with the agenda of harmful groups. I’ve watched, perplexed, as events have unfolded since the EU referendum. Values that contradict the ones I thought our way of life was based on seem to be seeping through, instigated by a few who shout loudly, but in doing so encourage a climate where challenging tolerance, acceptance, and diversity is increasingly condoned. I wanted to explore this development through the lens of the ‘filter’ concept, considering how perceptions have been manipulated particularly over the past few years. Looking on, it does appear that heads have been turned, ideas have been planted, and manipulation has been blatantly used. I think it’s important to share reactions to this across forms and channels, to connect people who are also concerned for the kind of world we aspire to be, primarily, a humane one. As the bizarre becomes normalised there is an increasing need to remind and bolster those values which do matter, have mattered, and will continue to matter.

Filtered, 2019Flash Fiction