Goose Eggs, Bed Linen, Wire, Natural Flora MaterialDown, 2019

Beauty, luxury, warmth, comfort, our safe place. An industry which many are unaware of. Where cruelty seems exceedingly emphasised when present within an area we feel most at peace. The torment of birds’ is what lays between your sheets, curling around you, keeping you warm. Repeatedly plucked until they are slaughtered. Geese mate for life. They mourn and feel sorrow, they feel and they love. The aim of the project ‘Down’ is to enlighten people as to where they seek their comfort and the brutal nature of the down feather industry. My photography and sculptural pieces tend to provide a sense of uncertainty following beauty. Initially appearing as an area of comfort and safety before upon closer inspection providing a feeling of danger or discomfort. I use this poetic contrast of the beautiful and the luxury against the reality and the horror to show my audience that this is what we as humans are supporting in our everyday lives. As we sleep, they scream.