DramaHow Did We Do?, 2021

HOW DID WE DO? This short play was half of a double bill commissioned by Shetland Arts Development Agency as part of its Refresh Now initiative during the lockdown. The theme was ‘Deliver’, and How Did We Do was inspired by the horrific experiences of a friend who works in a large logistics firm, whose position in the early months of the pandemic was intolerable. (Eighteen months later, it still is). On the front line of delivering vital supplies of Covid-19 related items, he and his colleagues found their situation exacerbated by contracting decisions made by the government, and by the ignorance of those who were taken on to progress them. Everything apart from the “kittens incident” actually happened; people did die. My friend felt responsible, although of course he wasn’t; but he was silenced by the prevailing culture of control. And all the time, he and colleagues were operating against a backdrop of bogus ‘customer service evaluation’ that is designed to punish and bully rather than to make any valid or real improvements to anyone’s life or experience. It was and still is a scandal. Indescribably so. But I felt I had to try.