September 7, 2019

How did Neolithic people understand the cosmos?

Stephen Polatch, 28

This painting was made while I was reading ‘Inside the Neolithic Mind’, a book which explores spirituality and how it drove societal development in pre-history.

I made the painting on a residency in Ayrshire where I was spending a lot of time walking and drawing outside in the landscape.

It shows the 3 tiered cosmos as experienced by Neolithic people. At bottom a Shaman is entering a vortex, travelling to the underworld. At middle a shaman rests at the base of a tree in the earthly realm. At top a shaman travels in flight to the upper realm.

The Earthly and Upper realms are linked by dots of stars and daisies.

I painted the image using very old dehydrated oils on mdf which I scrounged from Staples (the stationery shop).

The Cosmos, 2019Oil on Board30x21cm