May 15, 2021

‘How Deep Is Your Trench?’

Sammy Fyfe

PoetryThe Trenches, 2021

The underlying value of this entry is the ongoing battle of mental health that people are suffering through in modern day society and the fact that nobody truly knows what another person is working through at any particular time. This piece refers to the ups and downs experienced while living with depression as modern life shifts and changes around an individual who is enclosed in a mental health battle. As the pressures of life become increasingly challenging to work through and deal with, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic and “lockdown life”, this piece contributes to a wider context which many young people find themselves dealing with in this day and age. Sadly, many young adults are finding they can no longer continue with the battle of their mental health and hopefully, this piece will open up discussion for mental wellbeing and people will realise that there is always a way out of your trench, should you ask for help.