January 26, 2019

How could humanity change for the better if ‘they’ became ‘we’?

Alice Griffin


My entry explores the value of humanity, of being part of a community and of human connection. I met and spoke with people affected by homelessness in Edinburgh and asked about their experiences and what they thought needed to change to solve the issue. These conversations were both poignant and transformative. A man I was speaking to invited me to feed a pigeon some of his chocolate bar. Seeing someone sharing what little they have with another creature (especially one deemed to be vermin by society), was a humbling experience. You expect to see a hand outstretched to receive, but he was giving the last of what he had. I saw so much humanity from this man in the time I had sat and spoken to him and I felt angry that he wasn’t treated the same.
We don’t realise how much we value humanity until it is taken away. All of the individuals I spoke to just wanted a connection with the passers-by; many spoke about how damaging it was to be ignored or verbally abused because of their situation. My piece hopes to provide a new perspective on the issue of homelessness and of how we treat others.


Screen printed poster