January 20, 2020

How can you survive someone else’s dream?

Sam Gonçalves, 30

Dundee is changing. The city that has seen it’s fair share of problems has also seen more than enough solutions. This film explores just that: urban solutions. Drawing a parallel between Brasilia, the city built from scratch, and Dundee, this short documentary reflects on the downsides of following someone’s dream when it is imposed from the top down. The story is told through the lyrical perspective of the filmmaker, who imposes his own dream into the narrative of these two cities. It is a reflection on reality and our need to impose it. Meandering through perspectives and locations, the film delves into what is real and what is not – the disappointments, failures and false promises as well as the ecstasy and romance of our collective aspiration. Perhaps better described as a documentary poem, this piece looks at Dundee and imagines – what if we hadn’t imagined anything at all?

The Lifespans of Utopia, Film