February 26, 2019

How can you make pop that’s both personal and accessible?



Pop music doesn’t have to be innocuous. In fact, it isn’t. A lot of great pop artists (many of them women) are currently making powerful, hooky, vulnerable music that is (rightly) topping the charts. It’s an amazing ability to be able to bear your soul in just the right way so that people at the gym can exercise to it and taxi drivers don’t change the station on the radio.

With my song, which I wrote and recorded entirely on my phone, I have tried to capture some of what I like about these new pop songs, without the access to polished studio production. Even though this song could never be played in the gym (too slow), I like to think that there are some cabs out there where it might play uninterrupted (this may be optimistic). But, nonetheless, I think it’s an interesting experiment in oversharing. Here is my pop song, it is about someone very special to me.