January 27, 2020

How Can We Uphold Our Beliefs, History and Traditions if What is to be Told is Left Untold?

Jackline Michelle Ofori-Asamoah, 29

My poem is my way of reaching out. I write about life and things that happen about and around me, I use experience and thoughts to inspire my writing. With this poem I capture our lost history, the things happening around, facts and religion. The history is disappearing, our roots are being lost. The youth is dancing to a different tune, so many things are happening around so fast and little is been captured. Time is flying by, so many things are left told. The relationship between the told happenings and the untold happenings is wide. Changes in times have made us lose our way of thinking and living. Generations have come and gone, history is of so much value but little is shared about the in-depth of history. Our generation is inclined to the world of technology, fashion is taking over. Is my hope that a bit of our history is carried along in our lifestyle, a bit of dignity, respect, truth is upheld in our way of life. Times may be changing but history will always be history. Traditions can be upgraded but the roots need not be forgotten.

The Untold, 2020