September 20, 2021

How Can We Share Imagined Memories?

Jo Higgs

Short StoryBenji's Goal, 2021

I began writing this piece more as an exercise in having fun with writing than with the intention to be a story. It was simply riffing on the semi-absurdist traditions of football commentary. As I bashed out a first rough draft I began to really enjoy how artful and stimulating a lot of this really rather silly sensationalism could be. While I began to see these phrases, clich├ęs and observations as increasingly real and independent of the physical actions being described, it occurred that while the majority of people watch football and thus share in a pretty undeniably objective viewing, the scarce few that listen to football experience a totally individual and near enough non-shareable moment. Thus, paired with the archetypal father/son/football dynamic (not one I’ve ever truly experienced) I began to fiddle with the idea that two people could in fact share in this sacred moment. At surface level it does become this father/son type story but honestly, it could be retold with anyone – and quite likely many things that aren’t football. It’s a story about the glory and emotional proximity that sharing the world, and particularly the private moments of it, can provide us.