VideoIllustrating Glasgow - The Best Day of Winter 2021 - DHShields, 20213840 x 1920

Having lived through such arduous times with our most basic freedoms put on hold, it has never been more important to view the world through a different lens. I portrayed a sense of elation which was felt one morning by the people of Glasgow, when the streets were covered in a blanket of snow. I strived to deliver a sense of authenticity by incorporating my animated artwork into the video. This was featured to add another level of immersion and to capture the magic of the day. Fusing artwork with videography has given me a unique way to tell stories which is something I am continuing to explore. In a world dominated by fear and uncertainty, it is a gift to find beauty in familiar surroundings; to experience joy by seeing things in a new way. A childlike wonder is something too often forgotten and is buried amongst the burdens of adulthood. This video immortalises the sentiments felt that day while also delivering a message of hope for those who continue to struggle in this difficult time. We are reminded of the importance of human connection which fills me with a profound sense of hope for the future.