January 10, 2021

How Can We Reconcile Times Past With Present Fears And Future Hopes?

Scott O'Neill | Grace Siregar, 50 | Andrea Dow, 48

FilmThese Days, 2020

In These Days Of Isolation And Social Distancing Forcing Us Into Sustained Periods Of Personal Self-Reflection, how can we reconcile times past with present fears and future hopes?

We have become like caged birds unable to spread our clipped wings, ordered to Stay at Home, to Self-Isolate, to keep our Social Distance.

And stuck alone in our cages, forced to slow down and take stock, we have been given the opportunity to reflect on all the things that matter and all the things that don’t.

But, in our desire to escape the present, there is a balance to be struck between pinning all our hopes on an uncertain future and seeking solace in the certainties of the past.

Things may never be the same again but by taking time to examine our past, we can hopefully utilise whatever lessons we learn to better prepare ourselves, so that when those cage doors finally reopen, we can step out with the confidence and desire to help forge a better world for us all.