October 28, 2019

How can we reclaim our wild lands?

Sinéad Hargan | Anya Bowcott, 23 | Yas Mawer, 26


Land Claim is a collaborative film devised by Sinéad Hargan, Yas Mawer and Anya Bowcott. Land Claim explores the idea that artistic interventions in rural Scottish landscapes can act as forms of feminist protest, empowerment and celebration. We intervene in the imagery of the landscape in order to present feminist testimonies and strategies for rethinking learned narratives around women and wild lands. We take our bodies into pre-conquered landscapes and we re-conquer them.

Anya Bowcott, Sinéad Hargan and Yas Mawer are Glasgow-based performance artists and makers, all primarily working in live performance, dance and moving image. Deeply rooted in their collaborative practice is the desire to find an intuitive process-led approach to making contemporary film and performance. They believe it is their role as artists to highlight their frustrations with the current social climate that breeds passivity, disengagement and isolation.

All three artists are recent graduates from the Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. They have recently shown work at Into The New Festival at the Pearce Institute, Glasgow, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, the Fringe World Festival 2019 in Perth, Australia and Central Scotland Documentary Festival.