October 30, 2020

How can we make clothes to last a lifetime again?

Maija Nygren

Knitted textiles, kidswearThe Convertibles - Clothes that kids can make and grow with!, 2020Various

The Convertibles – clothes that kids can make and grow with! explores ways to create the worlds most sustainable children’s garment. This concept gives an opportunity for children to get involved in the making of their own clothes from as young as 3 years old. The overall aim of the project is to embed an understanding of clothes making processes and thus a sustainable mind-set, from a young age. The trend-led fashion and textile industry has created a need for mass manufactured fast fashion, leaving no incentive for today’s society to keep our clothes for a long time, repair our clothes or look after them. Why would we, if we can replace these disposable garments at a cost of a sandwich (Anti-Fashion Manifesto by Li Edelkoort, 2015)? By providing a garment that is repairable, customisable, and made by the wearer, is likely to create an emotional connection between the user and garment, prolonging its time in use. This participatory and sensory experience, The Convertibles, allows a child to develop important life long skills; fine motoric and problem solving, as well as creative thinking, three-dimensional thinking and material intelligence, getting to know where things come from and where they go!