July 1, 2020

How can we make a more sustainable jewellery industry where feminist issues are abolished and equality, diversity and traceability are made the new norm?

Daniela Groza

Jewellery DesignModern Venus Graduate Collection, 2020

Modern Venus, high-end graduate jewellery collection, promotes inclusivity, highlighting the beauty of individuality within one’s body shape and pigment. A variety of precious metals are used to create jewellery that matches all skin tones. The Japanese Mokume-gane technique of blending and laminating different metal alloys celebrates the beauty of skin imperfections. The hanger motif symbolises the rejection of society’s image of the “ideal woman”, offering a realistic view on the female form: limbs with diverse proportions and stretch marks. Tracing metals back to their natural source is necessary. Sustainability is a feminist issue. Women at the beginning of the jewellery supply chain are often victims of abuse, unfair pay, and discrimination. The reclaiming of gold family heirlooms, the use of silver scrap for this collection show commitment towards the ethical jewellery niche. This collection speaks of important feminist matters and enables the wearer to use their body as a canvass, becoming a visual representation of their beliefs. Due to the Covid19 jewellery workshop closure and the abrupt ending of my Jewellery & Silversmithing studies at Edinburgh University, most of this collection has not been made reality, therefore this Award would contribute towards buying recycled precious metals. Website: www.danielagrozajewellery.com Instagram: @danielagrozajewellery