April 13, 2021

How Can We Maintain A Connection To Nature In A World That Is Increasingly Reliant On Technology?

Jamie Rigg

Photograph (Repurposed Electrical Equipment)Connection, 202130cm x 30cm

The dual nature of technology, the concept that with each technological advancement comes it’s risks and it’s benefits. For example a student or workaholic may benefit from the convenience of microwavable meals but the low nutritional value and increased radiation in their diet may have an impact on long-term health. This is certainly not a new concept but over the last year we have become far more aware of our increased reliance on technology and far more importantly what benefits it can bring. Through social media and other online platforms we have worked, studied and socialised online, the benefits? A sense of connection, a link to others in a time where face to face interaction is no longer possible. But what are the risks? Are we losing our connection to the outside world? To nature? Through the juxtaposition of nature and technology my work aims to invite the veiwer to consider their own relationship with nature in this world so increasingly reliant on technology.