January 30, 2020

How can we help and make Paisley a better place to work and live?

Garry Byars

AcrylicAw the Buddies at Barshaw Park, 201832 x 40 inches

“Aw the Buddies at Barshaw Park”. There are 193 people and 22 businesses all in the original artwork , including Paolo Nutini, Gerry Rafferty and John Byrne who was requested to be in the painting by Paul and Emily from the Paisley Arts Centre​. The Sunshine Gallery was set up in 2009 at the Paisley Shopping Centre, this was to inspire others and to provide exhibition space to the community, over this time I have met many beautiful people and a few characters.​ The real value of the artwork is that it brings a smile to people as it has been great fun to work on and to meet everybody. To engage with everyone, people paid a small fee from £1 upwards to participate. 20% from the sale of the original will go to a charity of the buyers choice. with various prints being sold, it is fun that all these people are on now display all over the world and helping to promote Paisley. My cat is hiding in the painting which people enjoy searching for. I recently completed a 2nd painting “Paisley Toon” 271 people and 18 business with Scott Reid of Still Game the main character.