July 5, 2020

How can we heal from heart break?

Ally zlatar, 23

We all have experienced some variation of a heartbreak. It doesn’t matter the reason, whether it’s produced by the rejection of someone we care about, a betrayal, or even the loss of someone dear to us. The truth is that it produces a pain that runs through our body and pierces the most innocent part of our soul. We find ourselves alone in a crowdd room, always searching for their lover’s face one more time. In this paintin, I depict a man’s broken heart we can he is calm, as if he were accepting his fate. His heart has been broken, and the busy hectic world around him keeps going unchanged or unbothered. He is powerlesss, small and occupying a small corner in the room, longing for what everyone else seems to have, a connection.

Museum Walls, 2020Acrylic on Paper6 x 4