January 15, 2022

How Can We Face the Predicament We Are In?

Ye Cong

Oil on CanvasI Used to Be a Tiger Who Owned 4 Mountains, Afterwards I Locked Myself In a Zoo. Did I?, 2022100cm*100cm

In this painting I described my bittersweet feeling of the past three months in the smallest cubicle in GSA. My studio is so small that I’ve been complaining about it for the past three months, I’m just getting used to it. On the carpet in this painting, I painted lots of lines and grids on it. These grids made it look like more than a pool rather a carpet if audience do not notice lines of the carpet. I have always been interested in multiple spaces in paintings, but I prefer to create illusion or create space in space rather than simply reflect the sense of space through perspective. On the one hand, the sinking feeling formed by these grids is an optical illusion, on the other hand, it reflects my anxiety and struggle in these months, as if I was in a quagmire. There is some colour shaped on the floor. They are painted by my friends in my studio. I know that the time I have spent in my studio also included other people’ s time. So I invited them to leave their marks on my work.