LinoprintWe Must Put out the Fire, 201930cm by 30cm

How can we face Climate Change?

Change is a constant, it is something we all have the power to enact. The science studying man-made climate change has been here for decades. The conclusions are in: Scientists shout their warnings loud and clear. If we don’t change our ways, our home, our planet will be irremediably changed. To our detriment.
There is a domino effect: It already affects all of us. It’s hard to see only because it’s on such a large scale, and those that need to change their ways the most don’t want to listen, don’t want the message heard…

Man-made Climate Change is a growing fire. One person cannot put it out alone. We need everyone working together. The waves of demonstration and protest around the world show that together, we can achieve more.

Working as one team isn’t easy. That’s why we need leaders. People whose voices will direct our efforts. People whose voices we can trust, because its hard to change if you don’t believe.

Even if or when we reach the point of no return, there will still be reason to stand, to fight the fires, to do what’s right.

How can we face Climate Change if not together?