March 24, 2021

How Can We Express Emotion, And Time Stamp A Moment In Time? To Convey The Dark Times In A Life But Also Hope For The Future?

Alison Beveridge

Acrylic On CanvasA Journey, 20171.7m x 0.97m

My painting “a journey’ was inspired by a huge realisation nearly 4 years ago. I was a very personal response to the breakdown in my marriage, whilst severely depressed, with intermittent suicidality. The image depicts a journey towards home in Dunfermline, on the way back from a week away with my then husband. At this point, i realised i needed to leave my marriage. The darkness, for me, was a response to the sheer fear of consequence and my fear of depression at my heels. The prominance of the lights showing me the way forward, with a glimpse of hope. I felt so very alone, thus i’m the only car on this road. I have this piece currently hung in my kitchen; it is a reminder everyday of my strength to take this step and how far i have come. I am currently painting a second painting, a response to the first, depicting the progress i’ve made emotionally. It will be at dusk, but with car lights to follow, and the glimpse of hope.