June 29, 2018

How can we empower ourselves in the face of abuse?

Eva Wyse


Art student, Lucy, is fed-up with her ex-boyfriend Tom’s incessant calling, she seeks her revenge in the form of live performance art. This micro-short cuts to the core of empowerment in the face of abuse, however short-lived this sense of empowerment may be. In a world where the #MeToo movement has become such an important cultural touchstone I believe it is important that we continue to create thought provoking work that touches on issues of toxic masculinity in a fresh and original manner. This film was an endeavour to incorporate experimental practise into a tangible narrative in order to create a reflective space for viewers to contemplate their own experiences of abuse and the desire to assert one’s own agency in these situations. In creating this work I was toying with my own interest in considering to what extent sexualised imagery is reinforcing its own problematic connotations despite the fact that it may be existing in a subversive narrative framework, or conversely to what extent this ‘subversive framework’ serves as a productive tool in engaging with sexualised imagery.