January 30, 2020

How can we embrace unexpected change?

Omid Farkhondeh


My animated short reflects my feelings of what comes and goes from our lives – without explanation. From hopes and dreams, to loved ones and opportunities. No matter how absurd, unexpected or sudden, these events don’t need to always have an explanation. Sometimes they just happen, sometimes it can be heartbreaking and sometimes it can be beautiful. The choice of song and editing style/3D animation was for one main reason – it allows a continuous flow of movement and sound, all while the world seems to shift – the animated world allows for a complete disconnect from reality – allowing me to push the boundaries of the unexpected. What I find important is a seemingly simple statement – our hopes and desires may not correlate with a real-world outcome, but being open to change will help us grow and move forward. However, I also feel it’s in our nature to feel discomfort in, or try to understand things that don’t go how we hope, or expect they may go. What will be will be, and I look forward to the rest of life’s ups and downs.