Spagbolia, 2019

In a clickable age where personal choice increasingly lives on templates, my song and video aim to explore the topic of online conformity: the results-driven, sanitised wave of collectivism that seems set to sweep us into a neo-Victorian crystal maze. We reform by numbers, repress the unpopular, accept constant exposure and trust in the invisible technology of a touch-less domain, ruled by calculated reciprocity and strategic moderation. 

Global camaraderie it may be. But I can’t help wondering if our myriad friends’ muted consensus is simply too loud a voice for one person to ignore at will? And too fickle a truth, when its gatekeepers and editors so often work for profit, not us.

Unless we regain control, the shared spirit of oneness might steal away our spark, replace each singular human mystery with enough crowd-sourced certainty to marginalise doubt. I’d rather not become a silicon soldier in someone’s battle for digital supremacy. And I’m probably not alone in this. Hence I hope my entry can add to the wider discussion, as a reminder that normality needn’t be transparent.