September 4, 2019

How can we cope with depression in a world that often moves too fast for us?

Hayley Louise Macfarlane

Short storyThe Goat, 2019

Depression is a serious problem in the 21st century, particularly within the millennial generation. Some people try to tackle their mental health issues through medication, exercise and therapy; others deny feeling depressed altogether, burying their feelings deeper and deeper until they’ve forgotten what it feels like to have an inkling of desire for anything.

The Goat explores how Richard Howie, a faceless twenty-something, copes with crippling depression and anxiety in the wake of his parents’ death. It deals with loss of purpose, sense of self, and will to live, ultimately with the goal of demonstrating how a support network and patience with oneself can ultimately lead to helping a person cope with their mental health. In particular, it follows Richard as he procures a pet goat and how, through the unusual animal, he comes to accept his parents’ deaths and sparks a desire within him to change for the better.