January 31, 2020

How can we build a connection with the world on our doorstep?

Jaime Molina, 27

Nature was once the main protagonist in our childhood adventures, as nature is, and always will be, our greatest gift. But where has that connection gone? We are now part of a society of relentless distractions, exposing us to obsolete content, leading us to follow the latest trends and away from life in its simplest form. Nevertheless, there have always been some who live their lives at one with nature, and those who have re-connected with the natural world. ‘Gatherers’ is part of an attempt to bring myself back to the landscape, to learn how to build a harmonious connection with the world, by gaining an insight into the life of the modern hunter-gatherer. Through this process, I have discovered that foraging is not simply the search for raw materials and ingredients, but also the way to build an intimate relationship with the world on our doorstep.

Gatherers, 2019Photobook20.5cm x 15cm