October 31, 2020

How can we become more comfortable with what lies beneath our skin?

Amy Wedge

Pencil, ink and digital colourHow can we become more comfortable with what lies beneath our skin?, 2020297 x 420 mm

NON OMNIS MORIAR. Latin for “not all of me will die”. The core of my artistic practice is based around the theme of death, which sounds deeply morbid when written so bluntly. In reality, my work reflects the cyclical nature of life, the beauty and intricacy of what lies beneath the surface of our skin and the relationship between the human body and the natural world. My background is in forensic art and medical illustration, I therefore cannot define myself solely as an artist or scientist and I am fascinated with connection between the two disciplines and the rich history they share. From Claudius Galen to Andreas Vesalius and Frank Netter, medical art has changed and developed over the centuries but the general public view and feelings towards the practice of dissection and the display of anatomy has not vastly changed since the 14th century. There is a discomfort surrounding anything that reminds people of their own mortality. I aim to confront and question this attitude with my work by creating anatomically accurate illustrations that are creative, beautiful and visually striking.