May 4, 2021

‘How Can Two Dancers Move Connected To One Another Without Being In Physical Contact?’

Molly Mc Alister

Dance InstallationBetween Us, 2021

Between Us is a duet. A dance installation performance. A screening of an exhibition in a small gallery space, with live dance performance, video installation and exhibit of visual art. A multi-collaborative piece, with emerging artists in the fields of illustration, textiles, and animation. Exploring human connection, trust and platonic intimacy Between us sees dancers moving with and connected by string. The string has been hand spun and dyed, allowing for socially distant performance while representing the relationship and physical space between two people. This past year so many of our connections and relationships became virtual, I wanted to explore two dancers could move connected to one another without being in physical contact. I wanted to communicate the importance of friendship and connection, particular at this time, something that is a core value in so many of our lives. I’m a firm believer that our humanity greatly impacts our artistry. The piece has an accompanying Zine – a documentation of the creative process that can be found here: