July 31, 2020

How can the judgement of others help us lead better lives?

Sylwia Kolasinska, 42

Change. Choice. Chance. Sometimes life gives us a clear message. Mostly we only change if not changing is more painful than to change. We compulsively consume commodities in search of novelty while the real newness that our lives need eludes us. This year coronavirus has forced the whole world to act differently. At the same time there is a clear sense that people’s willingness to live with racial injustice has expired. It is as if a great bell has started tolling and everyone has stopped what they were doing and listened for a change. For if change is going to come it has to start with listening, with being open to the judgement of others. How to find new possibilities for ourselves except by allowing ourselves to see what others see when they look at us? I think that’s what this Tarot card represents; an invitation to see yourself from someone else’s perspective. Rather than being a negative or imprisoning thing, I think it can be liberating. This is a mug that you might handle every day. In the same way we can regularly return to the idea and practice symbolised by the card I have chosen to represent.

Mug Major Arcana: Judgement, 2020Clay, glaze8cm diameter, 8.5cm high