June 19, 2019

How can the body be considered as point of materiality?

Georgia Holman, 22

My work is informed by the basis of accelerationist theory and the effects of an increased speed of culture. By reframing the influence of global corporate culture as something interlinked to the body I wish to explore the effects this has upon our emotional registers. Exploring temporality, the pliability of emotional states, fragility and desire, my work explores the constraints of the body as both a material matter and emotive being. Combining corporate aesthetics with poetic interjections, I seek to talk to the networked age of neoliberalism and to imagine a reconceptualised fluid body.

In the videos in the installation, I stumble through attempts to push the labour of flexibility and speed. Through repeated clips of wobbling or losing rhythm, I wish to use stumbling as a critical tool, in order to explore the fragility of the corporeal being. A glossy veneer is unable to be sustained through my inability to successfully articulate the movements. Looped in its actions, the body remains locked within the monitor, whilst the performative props of the carpet and metronome remain in the space. With a live performance never occurring, the absence of a ‘true physicality’ sits in the centre, questioning the presence of engagement in an increasingly fluid world.

If it is not material, the position is insecure
Installation – Office Chairs, Carpet, Two Screen video displayed on HD monitors, Metronome, Glass Shelf, Resin Swan sculptures, Text printed on Acetate , 4 A5 perfect bound books