December 23, 2019

How can street art support personal growth?

Kyle Leeson, 17

Granite Grown focuses on a theme of personal growth relating to street art, following a young artist talking on how street art has helped support her personal growth and her friends as young people growing up in Aberdeen. I made Granite Grown to challenge the stereotype of street art being destructive, deviant and antisocial and instead bring attention to a new generation of street artists in my city who are creating new art with different styles and motivations, working in legal spaces to bring people together and provide growth for a community. My work helps to promote a new understanding of street art as a creative form of expression which builds on the confidence of individuals and strengthens communities, instead of the misconception that street art is harmful. This film has help to develop my ideas of documenting youth culture in short films and investigating how these subcultures support personal growth of individuals in creating an identity for themselves.

Granite Grown, 2019Motion Picture