May 17, 2021

‘How Can Prejudice Literally And Figuratively Come A Long Way?’

Shirley Johnson

Pen & Ink on Cartridge PaperBritish Cats And Corona, 202116.5' x 11.7' (41.91cm x 29.72cm)

Hello, I am an American that recently moved to Scotland with my cats. Soon after I arrived, a relative remarked that I would never had paid the high cost of moving animals from one country to another. They remarked that I must have gotten my cats Gwen & Wilbur) whilst in Great Britain. I was quite offended by their prejudicial way of thinking. In the same vein, my idea of Brits prior to coming to the UK were of pomp and circumstance, top hats, tails and monocles. I realized that my pre-assumptions of people that I had never met was similar to the relative that assumed that my wallet was more important than friendship. I spent 4 months in lockdown and my cats at the time, were my world. ‘British Cats and Corona’ is a re-imagining of my life if I choose to continue to place stereotypes on others. The octopus represents Covid-19 and how it encompasses us all. It takes up space in all of our lives.