March 31, 2018

How can place and foreign perspectives help to re-evaluate purpose?

Alexandra Adair

“Breathing in Skies” is a song about growth, and is on my EP “misplaced.” which is more generally about place and purpose. It was a piece I wrote under Ttukseom bridge, next to the Han River in Seoul. I’m being specific about this because I’d never had a strong connect to a physical place before. This trip allowed me to take a step back from myself – being surrounded by people who knew nothing of me had me wondering what I looked like through a strangers eyes – and see the obstacles I was creating. Looking at myself so honestly was blinding, but needed if I truly wanted to achieve who I set out to as a person. The song is a reflection of that – honest, confused about where to start when I came back home, but hopeful. I recorded the original song under Ttukseom bridge, and used the background audio in this version you’re listening to (which I later recorded in Glasgow). The entire EP is very personal, as it’s ultimately about me finding my purpose, but this is one that, in hindsight, is incredibly raw despite being the most reworked. Who knows – maybe it’s because I constantly rework myself, too.