February 10, 2020

How can place affect ways in which we manage the impression of ourselves within social interactions?

Jacob Littlejohn, 24

My practice explores the realm of human behaviour. I use the theatre as a metaphorical framework to explore the ways humans interact with one another and what they choose to present of themselves. My process evolves round a profound interest in medium, technique, composition and colour. Through the abstraction of everyday objects, theatrical props and the environments in which they are found, my work attempts to push the viewer to reconsider the original properties of such objects and the environments in which they inhabit, so that they become at once a spectator and a performer within the work. My work touches on abstract expressionism and the theatricality found in experiencing and unveiling of works of art. The central motifs include abstractions of windows, stages and curtains, which act as physical and metaphorical barriers that either protect or expose intimate emotions and ideologies. While the inception of my work begins with my own exploration of the tension between the hidden and the revealed, the experience of the audience is wholly wrapped up in my process of creating. My practice aims to trigger the sublime. It is deeply dependent on the ontological experience shared with the audience.

Untitled - 150, 2020Oil & charcoal on canvas180 x 220 x 4cm