September 15, 2019

How can personal music tap into the listener’s feelings even when they are not familiar with the source material?

Daniel Bell

SpotifyWishbone - Walking on the Moon, 20186:25

This song explores the power that love can have in songwriting.

I have been writing music for years, but it was only when I found “the one” that allowed me to really be able to write about something meaningful and use my knowledge of sound engineering to make the song impact the lyrics.

This personal piece of music is important because it shows how much of an impact music can have when it is written about something as powerful as loving someone unconditionally.

Everything I use to record my music has been hand built by myself. I hand built the guitar I record the music with, the guitar cables, the amplifier as well as guitar pedals such as Fuzz, as well as designing the artwork and mixing/mastering all myself using Pro Tools.

I find it very important that I try to do every part of the process as independently as I can, I love having full control over how much I can create myself.