December 18, 2019

How can one individual’s story become part of a collective healing?

lea Luiz de Oliveira | Bee Asha Singh, 27 | Nisan Yetkin, 26

Grotty, 2019

One in ten women in Scotland has experienced rape & one in five women in Scotland has had someone try to make them have sex against their will. These are just the official figures. The truth is that almost every single woman that I know has experienced a form of sexual trauma. And many men are going through similar experiences, but too ashamed to talk about it. When Nisan and I met Bee, she showed us that you could overcome trauma by refusing to let it define you in a negative way and use your voice, your story, to help others. We decided to explore different artistic mediums to spread the message that it’s possible to heal. There is evidence that when a survivor hears another’s story, it shows them they are not alone. And shame starts to fade. Today, it is vital to break the taboo around sex, consent and mental health. By normalising the discussions around these subjects, we can save lives. We believe it’s the only way to empower people and push them to define their boundaries and express what they want, need and feel. And through our different art , we wish to play our part.