January 29, 2021

How Can Nature Help Us To See Ourselves?

High Tide & Ross Johnston | Alex Porter-Smith, 25 | Ross Johnston, 26 | Eathan Currie, 25

FilmArkaig, 2020

The film ‘Arkaig’ was a collaboration between production studio High Tide & director/actor Ross Johnston.

After a year of isolating and staying indoors we felt it important to make something that celebrates not only the spirit of adventure and the natural beauty of the landscape but also nature’s ability to make us feel restored again. We were greatly inspired by the natural imagery found in Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’. His message that in life there is no one right path, felt like an important message in these uncertain, self-doubting and stressful times.

In the wild simplicity of the woods or the hills or the sea we find contemplation and meditation. Removed from distraction and routine, we find our thoughts clearer, our hearts lighter and ourselves renewed. In a year that has felt so disconnected we take comfort in the way nature creates an environment for us to self reflect and feel part of something again.