September 9, 2019

How can I value myself if society tells me I am not enough?

Lorena Duguid, 19

Last year, I woke up and wrote this poem in one go in the middle of the night. It felt as though it had been percolating in my mind for quite a while, and suddenly it was ready to be written down. Although I have altered a few words of it, most of the work is left how it was originally written. (I like to say the last two lines to myself when I’m going out of my comfort zone.)

I often worry about other people’s perception of me, and it interferes with my goal to live as I want to. This poem came to me in a culmination of years of frustration at being imperfect in a world that demands we are infallible. This is a love letter to myself; a reminder that the opinions of strangers are not my ideology and should not guide me, that while my “acceptability” may change my right to freedom and respect does not, and that being admired is not the only criteria of success.

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