February 10, 2020

How can I show the beauty, wonder and magic of the Earth?

Blanche Haddow, 52

How could I show such an incredible, infinite, subject within one tiny entry? I looked at my photos to get some thoughts, ideas and inspiration. While looking I realised which photos would show what I wanted. Seeing and being lucky enough to get a photo of a nuthatch at the “door” to it’s nest was an amazing experience. Simple yet incredible. Internet sharing that photo, in turn, provided me with a comment from my father, who told me how the nuthatch uses mud to make the holes around the entrance to their nests just the right size. I then went off to search and find some past photos taken at this same nest hole. Sure enough, I found the proof that the nuthatches had altered the hole. What a stunning and fascinating way to see and find evidence of the magic of our wonderful world. I was then able to share this beauty and story with others using the internet (a whole massive, living world that doesn’t actually physically exist). Immersed and happy within my own world, I experienced the outside world then shared it with a different world, enabling a new way of passing wisdom through the generations.

Stunning World, Photography