January 31, 2020

How can I motivate you, my daughters?

Lin Walton

Typography on 250gr card with punched embellishmentsJust Remember, 2015A4 21cm x 29.7cm

Children make multiple personal choices every day of their lives. Is each choice truly the right one, made in pursuit of true enrichment, or are choices they make driven by peer pressure, media hype, not to mention tiredness, fear, lack of knowledge or skills, intent on pursuing the perfect life they are shown on social media? In our lifetime they have the luxury of freedom of choice. Let our young embrace it and enjoy it with every fibre of their being. Every beat of their heart signals a new day with new choices, new opportunities to be grasped without fear – humourous moments and contemplative events, competitive jobs but with fair recognition, humbling rewards enjoyed with proud acceptance, grateful minds with truly deserving hearts, peaceful attitudes but prepared to be counted, with the ability to recognise they are human and can falter.