January 21, 2022

How Can I Feel More Content with My Life and Myself?

Patricia O’keefe

Acrylics PaintsTake a Breath, 202130cmx 50cm (unframed)

In this fast moving, materialistic,image conscious society. People are often focused on making money, gathering possessions, being popular and looking good. They assume these endeavours will bring them comfort, satisfaction and joy. However in this current climate of pandemics, climate change and worrying mental health issues, many have found that what their souls and mental health really craved, was the freedom of the outdoors. Walking in parks, hiking in hills, time spent in gardens, or even just meeting up with friends for a walk and a chat. Is it time now to stop, look around and take a breath? Nature has made our existence possible on Earth, with its variety of resources and also holds value in human life. We need each other to be sustainable. We as humans have a responsibility to take care of our natural environment, maybe now more than ever. It is the root of our connections, to our world to our health and well-being, to our society and to our survival and existence. We can contribute in many ways, big or small. Contentment is achievable if we stop and look around for it.