December 11, 2019

How can emotional energy be depicted in a portrait – and reveal things about the artist and sitter?

Chris Silver, 25

In my work I try to depict psychological portraits that are emotional, often these are routed in inspirations such as abstract expressionism and a little bit of pop art. As someone with a manic depressive illness, often the works can be autobiographical, in the sense that I am depicting my current state of mind, expressing myself through colour and mark making. I am interested in how a painting can capture a fleeting moment. A lot of the work is idiosyncratic, messy and incoherent – at times dark. The work is very expressive, visceral and energetic. My painting is a mix of the subject’s psychology and my inner self. I overindulge in some works, a with pop-like use of colours that gives across a manic energy, same with the aggressive use of mark making. I am inspired by abstract expressionism and pop art, and I try to marry these two themes in my work. It’s interesting how, through things like a vivid, muted palette or use of expressive mark making, one can depict a painting that captures a fleeting moment, a snapshot of a memory. As I am a young artist recently graduated from art school, I am constantly experimenting and trying new things.

Pop Expressionism, 2019Mixed Media