January 27, 2020

How Can Creativity Emerge?

Christine Hudson, 58

An artist’s mannequin, a geometric beehive and an industrious bee. The colours are optimistic yet the mannequin’s posture is negative. The non-binary mannequin represents Creativity, seen seated with head bowed and arms crossed defensively as it faces new challenges. The figure represents all creative people, including artists, writers, poets, photographers and videographers, that can experience emptiness. Creativity is surrounded by three radiating cells groups of prompts to consider. The first are question words creatives may face at the outset of a challenge as they seek objectives and ways to achieve them. The next set is negativity often faced in the creative process, while the outer hexagons are positive concepts for action and reasons to move ahead. Creativity can consider and answer some or all of these stimuli to raise its head, take action and succeed. The barriers around the yellow hexagons become optimistic and symbolise the regenerative process. By answering questions and addressing prompts, Creativity overcomes hurdles and emerges productive.

Prompts For Creativity, 2020Watercolour and pen41 cm x 45.5 cm