July 31, 2020

How can community projects improve our lives?

Ross Woodhead | Gordon Collins, 50

Short Documentary FilmHow can community projects improve our lives?, 202016:9

Nothing enriches our lives more than our connections to other people, and finding a sense of purpose and belonging. As we grow older we will all inevitably experience many difficulties from loss, grief and loneliness. Community centres and support groups are such important places where people can cultivate friendships, help one another and sustain a meaningful life. No matter what age we are, we all have a deep need to feel valued, supported and encouraged. The Craft Cafe in Govan is a beautiful example of the power of creativity as a way of nurturing social connections and the impact this has on building communities. This short film provides a snapshot of the many benefits of developing creativity in a social setting with such a welcoming, positive and friendly atmosphere. The creative and social activities provide therapy, personal development, emotional support and for many the ‘antidote to loneliness’. A reminder of how vital community support groups are for the health and well being of so many people.