September 22, 2020

How are you really doing?

Hannah Lingard, 24

How are you doing? This question is rarely answered honestly. With the “highlight reels” of social media we are made to feel that we should always be happy. However, the Covid-19 Lockdown for me and for many was an incredibly difficult time. Because of this I wanted to create a series a portraits which authentically captured the range of emotions my household and I experienced during lockdown. I found we all fluctuated between emotions such as stress, contentment and grief. With reports of increased concerns over the public’s mental wellbeing, I wanted to portray a range of emotions to show that this is normal and that the viewer is not alone in what they are feeling. For me personally, I experienced a general feeling of being unsettled during lockdown which led me to use much thicker paint than I would normally. I think the added texture of the paint heightens the intensity of the emotions depicted. I hope this series of portraits highlights the importance of pausing and asking yourself ‘How are you really doing?’, but also shows that whatever the answer is to that question, you are not alone.

Lockdown, 2020Acrylic on wooden board14.5x21.0.5cm