Acrylic and PastelBlack Hole, 202151cm x 51cm

What does “How are you?” really mean? Is it a greeting, like “hello”? Or are we actually interested in that person’s health? Many of us are private and reluctant to tell others about the issues that disturb us. But why? Are we afraid to be helped? Are we afraid to admit that we have problems?

Do we believe that no one really cares about what we say? Are we afraid that our situation is hopeless, and we don’t want to have others confirm that?

A black hole is an astronomical object with a gravitational pull so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape it… Traumatic events such as social inequity or abuse can lure or suck us into the black hole of depression, the unknown, the unconscious, the mystical void. We might stare into it with a mixture of both temptation and fear. Black holes are part of the landscape of our complex psychology. If we believe in “community,” we have to become a more empathic society. Simply acknowledging a person and listening to them may lift their spirits and condition, and remind them and you of the meaning and value of humanity.